Versus Statistics

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Josh (JoshJepson) Profile Image
Josh(JoshJepson) Team: Jepsquad
My name is Josh Jepson, but you knew that already!
Wins: 6/10
MOOSE: 2/3
Bingo: 1/3
One-off: 5/8
Tyler (AttackingTucans) Profile Image
Tyler(AttackingTucans) Team: Tuclan
I like shrimp better than steak.... Mario is better than Call of Duty. and, I like Nicki Minaj.
Wins: 5/13
MOOSE: 0/2
Bingo: 2/3
One-off: 2/7
Donna (Donnabellez) Profile Image
Donna(Donnabellez) Team: Bellez Bitches
Reality is a lovely place...but I wouldn't want to live there
Wins: 1/1
Risa (Lucahjin) Profile Image
Risa(Lucahjin) Team: LucahTroopa
I do the crazy voices with the nerd stuff.
Wins: 0/1
Tim (NintendoCapriSun) Profile Image
Tim(NintendoCapriSun) Team: CapriClub
Wins: 1/1
Stephen (StephenPlays) Profile Image
Stephen(StephenPlays) Team: Stephenites
I create gaming videos for your enjoyment!
MOOSE: 1/1
Jirard (ThatOneVideoGamer) Profile Image
Jirard(ThatOneVideoGamer) Team: Beardman
I complete videogames 100% so you don't have to.
One-off: 1/1
Hugh (YoshiToMario) Profile Image
Hugh(YoshiToMario) Team: Yoshi Eggs
I'm a Minecrafter, gamer and I just post videos on what I love doing!